Thursday, 11 February 2016

Love & Co. - Wedding Bands, Engagement Rings, and other Gifts of Love

I've never really walked into a jewellery store, especially those with big names that sell diamonds and wedding bands. Well maybe once when I wanted to buy a ring for my pinkie (they say wearing one at your pinky helps to ward off 小人 (people who try to hurt you, behind your back or otherwise). Or maybe as a kid when grandma or Mummy wanted to buy gold bracelets and stuff and I had no choice but to be there. But that was it. 

Because well, I always thought these kind of shops are just for people looking to buy rings to propose to their girlfriends or for couples to buy their wedding bands. And since I have been nowhere near marrying I don't go to these shops.

So it happened that not too long ago, I was invited to Love & Co. to check out their new LVC Charmes Love Story locket collection. And thus this marks my virgin experience at a proper jeweller, where I actually try on stuff! Yay! #achievementunlocked

I love how you can customise each sapphire glass locket to include up to 4 charms which could have some significance to the wearer. It could be a simple I ♡ U like what is shown, or you can choose your initials and include numbers like your anniversary date. It has a little key at the side, which means it's also suitable for a 21st birthday gift. You can buy a charm for every special occasion too! So like maybe 2 initials for yourself and your partner, and your babies' initials as they arrive! (I'm assuming if you intend to stop at 2. But please have more babies if you want to!)

Looking through all the different charm options.

They have this interactive site where you can go and customise your very own locket pendant just to see how it'll look like prior to your purchase at the store. There you can look at the charms available, and you can have a visual idea of how the rose gold locket will look with the white gold letters, or how the white gold locket with diamonds will look like with your selected charms. Go check it out at

Here I've done one with the rose gold locket, my initial (S for Silver) as well as my dog's intials (A for Alton). I've also added the little heart which means Silver ❤ Alton and a little ribbon, just because it looks nice. =D 

4 charms is the max. Cos it'll look too cramped and any more just won't fit.

Love & Co. specialises in bespoke bridal jewellery and wedding bands, and well, since I was obviously not there to buy anything, I HAD to take this chance to try their rings on. Because who knows when I'll get to again?

Come to think of it, most girls don't get a chance to try on their engagement/proposal rings. The guy proposes, the ring is already purchased and presented right in front of you, you either accept or you don't, yes? Most of the time it's just the guys who get the torture fun of shopping for the proposal ring!

Or you can, just for the heck of it, bring your guy into a jeweller and try on rings just for fun. *Or if you're a guy, bring a girl in and let her try just for fun. I won't do it myself though, because it's so awkward, and it's supposed to be a surprise. But you can always try. =)

*Do it only if you are actually serious about wanting to marry her someday okay, don't be zek ark and get someone's hopes up then crush it.

Their signature LVC Lovemark range.

Personally, I think a simple ring like this is very nice already. It's timeless, it's classic, it's simple and doesn't get too over-the-top. *hint to whoever may decide to propose to me and keep me for life in the future*

Taking the opportunity to look at their wedding bands too! 

 I've never looked at a diamond and understood what each cut means. Because to me, they are all just sparkly. Next time you visit, ask to see close-ups of the diamonds to see the differences.

Every LVC Lovemark diamond is Ideal Cut, which means to say it is "Excellent" in proportions, symmetry and polish. Which also means it's really sparkly and of amazing workmanship. 
This is pink because they used a pink filter, so you can see the cutting clearly.

Each LVC Lovemark diamond also comes with its very own exclusive LVC Lovemark as well as a unique identification number, inscribed at the heart of the diamond. This is invisible to the naked eye, and can only be seen with a special LVC Lovemark viewer.

See that?

That is so cool! This is great because you know, if for example, you need to pawn off your ring, and then check whether it's really yours when you get it back? Like just a good way to know that this diamond is exclusively yours. =D

Something Special for You

Valentine's Day is coming. Get your special someone a little gift of love. I'll do you a favour, quote "LVCxSilverAng" and get S$100 off at any Love & Co. showroom. 

Offer valid till 30 April 2016. ♡

You can first check out the collection here -->

Love & Co.

Lots of Love,

Monkey Year Resolutions

I've somehow gotten so caught up being busy that I totally missed making my 2016 resolutions. Okay I've been really away from blogging. Too many reasons why, but I'm back. =D

It's the 3rd day of the Chinese New Year, and I think it's not too late to make my New Year resolutions. We always make them, and then keep them for a week or 2, and somehow life/laziness takes over and these well-intended resolutions get neglected or ditched. Still, it's always fun to make them, and you never know when just one resolution could change your life. 

I'm making just 5 this year so that I will remember them and make it easier to keep them.

I've neglected my body quite a lot the last year due to a tear in my left gluteus maximus (in other words, that huge muscle which is my left butt that extends to my upper back and side thigh) more than 6 months ago. I tried running 5km today, and that left butt still felt funny, but I'm going to try to rebuild and recondition the muscles so they get stronger with time.

Another effort to keep my body healthy. I've been so bad with hydration that I could go an entire day on maybe one small glass of water. I read a recent article that suggested drinking water could help with dark eye circles. I'm a walking human panda if I don't have my concealer. An aesthetics doctor friend once told me that dark eye circles are really incurable, especially if they weren't caused by shadows. I'd like to test this out and give hope to the panda people around me. I bought a 0.95 litre bottle from Cotton On last week (that wouldn't close properly zzz). Hopefully that keeps my new drinking habit in check. ;)

I've been terrible at keeping time. For appointments, work, anything. Like I can tell myself I need to be out the house by 7am, and then 7am comes and I remember I need to do something else before I can go. This year I aim to be 10-15 minutes early for all my appointments. Which also means I need to organize my time better.

 More money for the future. Which translates to earn more, and save more. 
都幾歲了。 It's about time.

Decide to accomplish 3 things every day. (Not including any of the above resolutions.) Studies show the most productive people set out 3 goals for themselves daily. Ones which would make me feel successful and accomplished when completed. So I've ordered a personalised planner like this one which I've been using the past year, and somehow having a planner I enjoy using helps me plan my day better. ^.^

So there, my 5 resolutions for the year. I have others of course, but these 5 are my must-keeps. I hope you are keeping up with your own, if not, it's not too late to revisit them or make new ones now. 

Monday, 8 February 2016


Happy Chinese New Year!

It's been a good year of the goat! I've done a number of things that I'm pretty proud of - acted in my first movie (not as a cameo ok), started gigging at pubs (something I've always wanted to do cos I feel the experiences help me to improve), started being more regular on a Taiwanese talk show WTO姐妹會, and recontracted my endorsement with Allure Beauty, amongst other things, so I'm truly grateful for all the opportunities given. Namaste. (Yes I tried Yoga for the first time in my life too.) =)

I think the greatest thing that happened for me in the goat year is that I've made peace with a very dear friend I thought I'd lost for good. =D It's like 一大塊石頭終於放下來了, without even knowing you've been carrying it around. Sometimes life happens in such a way that it all somehow will find a way out in the end. I don't really know how it will go from here, but I have a pretty good feeling about it. ❤ 

So the last day of the goat has me and my mum frantically cleaning the house,  with her somehow accidentally flooding the living room and me accidentally breaking a vase and stepping on shards along the way. Oh well, that means all the bad that was supposed to happen has happened and gone! Phew!

Me after spring cleaning. Or rather after cutting my foot on a broken glass. Lol! 

Speaking of bleeding I donated blood yesterday! It's true you know, what they say about giving making you feel good about yourself because you know somehow you've helped or will help make someone's day. 

Took me just 7 minutes to fill this bag up! #soproudofmyself
By the way, blood donation is not as scary as it seems okay. It's a really straightforward process, and you don't feel the pain at all. Just watch the TV, or play with your phone. You won't even know the needle's in. And you'll feel proud of yourself for helping to save someone's loved one in the end. =D

I'm in a really chirpy mood because well, it's CNY, and also because every fengshui source tells me this year will be really good for me. It's a big thing okay, especially since I've been 犯ing太歲 for the longest number of years lol. Or that I have to maintain low profile and just 安分守己 and not take risks and stuff. FINALLY 輪到我出人頭地了!YES! 

I haven't made my 2016 resolutions yet, but I think I have a list brewing and I intend to keep them this year. For now, I'll go have a good rest. Waking up at 7:30am to 拜年 later! Goodnight world!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

It's a Good Day

Today, I am a happy person. 

Really glad to have you back, old friend. =)

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Review: The GP F Series Powerbank FN05M

Recently, I got my hands on a new mobile PowerBank by the GP Battery Experts. I never thought about this before, but mobile powerbanks made by the battery people could be the answer to good phone juice savers. No one should know juice more than them, yes?

This model, the FN05M, comes very sleek and in a nice size. I like that it is in a sleek silver colour as well. #nothingtodowithmyname 

Because it lies flat, I don't have to worry about it rolling off the table despite it's roundish shape.

The FN05M uses a Lithium ion battery of 3.7V 5200mAh. The PowerBank's charging input is 1A, whereas the output, which is the one that you use to charge your phone is 2.1A. This means that technically, you can use this to charge your tablets. This also means that charging your phone would be 2x faster as compared to regular mobile power banks.

The GP F Series PowerBanks all comply with the UN38.3 air transport safety standard, so you don't have to worry about bringing them with you when travelling.

Below the output socket, there is a dot. This is the LED indicator for how much juice is still in the PowerBank. Green indicates that battery strength is good, yellow/orange average, and red means it is low on juice and you should probably charge it. The manual states that recharging the FN05M takes about 8 hours, but I think it was full at 5. You may want to charge 8 hours during the first charge. This PowerBank auto cuts off when it is full, or when it senses overheating, so you don't have to worry about overcharging the PowerBank and causing its battery life to weaken over time. 

I used it with my Samsung S5, and I've had problems charging Samsung phones with other PowerBanks, because apparently they need a higher output current as well as more juice to charge. I could charge my S5 from 0% to 100% in 2 hours (with very little usage in between). 

The PowerBank indicator turned from green to orange and red, and when it's full, it just cuts off by itself so I didn't have to worry about over-charging my phone battery, or have my phone overheating from that. 

After I drained my phone again, I tried charging with the PowerBank to see how much juice it could still offer me, and I was pleased that it could still revive my phone from a 0% to approximately 20%. Not bad for a little guy!

The PowerBank comes with its own little cable to use for charging your phone. It is recommended that you use this cable as other cables may be incompatible.

This PowerBank fits nicely in the palm of my hand, and doesn't take up too much space in my handbag either. You know how ladies handbags already have too many things and weigh a ton because we have a big wallet, makeup pouch, tissue, band-aids, keys, phone, and whatever that are important? We don't need a super heavy/big power bank to add to the weight. The FN05M only weighs in at 155grams, and at 99mm(L) x 42mm(W) x 23mm(H), it is really pocket-friendly. even fits in my wristlet clutch bag!

The FN05M retails at S$29, and you can get it from selected Best Denki, Challenger, Courts, Newstead and Popular outlets.

They have other *models which are just as awesome, also with very sleek designs, and have the same protection against overcharging. You might want to consider them as well!

*Prices of F series powerbanks: 
- Pocket friendly design 5,200mAh ($29), 
- Flat and Sleek design 5,000mAh ($39), 
- Flat and Sleek design 10,000mAh ($59) 

For more details, do check out their website at


In case you feel lucky and want to win a GP PowerBank for yourself, leave a comment on GP Battery's facebook page on what you think is the most important feature of the GP F Series PowerBanks, and you may just win yourself one! Contest ends 30 November 2015.

Good luck! 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Sponsored: Curtains for My New Home!!!

Heya! Has been a while since I chatted here with my blog. Only really dawned on me when someone left a comment saying she was surprised to find my blog active. Oops. 

For some reason this place which used to be my favourite retreat has lost its appeal to me. Maybe it's time to update the look of this blog, you think? I'm growing out of the pink and flowers. Lol.

Anyway, am blogging in the middle of the night. For some reason this is when I'm most productive. This, and early mornings before 10am. Between 10am-6pm I might as well just be sleeping, because I'm always so drowsy at those times, with the exception of when I'm meeting friends or actually have an appointment happening. Any other freelancer like me? I swear if it isn't for the fact that businesses and events and shoots actually need to happen in the day, I would gladly leave my days for sleeping.

That being said, I am glad to say that I have never been happier with my new curtains!!!!! Because they are almost blackout! Woohoo!!! Blackout curtains are great for people who sleep very late, and do not wish to be awakened by the morning sun, like me. Lol. 

This was while renovations were still going on. There was no way we could move in before curtains were installed, because I was right there on the ground floor, and we had floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Unless I wanted everyone to see me sleeping. 

The kind folks at Curtain Suite helped me with my curtains. They do curtains, window films, wooden blinds, roller blinds, korean blinds...basically anything that helps to shield you from the sun and kaypoh neighbours. Lol. 

I was looking for something kind of almost blackout-ish. Why not totally blackout? Because I still want to wake up in the day and get things done, and I tend to sleep on and on and on and on... Lol. Blackout curtains would be a tad too conducive for that. Even though I was really tempted to get the blackout ones...#sofickleminded #womanshopper #wanttobuyeverything

How do you tell blackout curtains from normal ones? Well, they have this rubber-ish kind of back, so when you hold it up against light, you will barely see light pass through.

I'm more into plain and simple design, but if you love floral and patterned designs, they have those as well.

If you want something that's a little more solid, you can try their wooden blinds. I think these add a little old American flavour to the house.

Of course, the regular roller blinds are available as well, but I want to highlight these interesting blinds they carry, called Korean Blinds.
Basically they work like normal blinds, except that it's 2 sheets of striped fabric with alternating blackout and daylight strips. When you want it dark or just want more privacy, you just align the fabric such that the opaque stripes interlace. Bring up the opaque stripes when you want light to come through. 

Pictures by Curtain Suite Pte Ltd

Needless to say, I was spoilt for choice. Their showroom has like hundreds of different choices for me to shield my house from prying eyes! Even day curtains come in so many different kinds!

We wanted something neutral so we settled for a brown 90% blackout curtain, and a nice flowy day curtain for when I still want light in, but not gazes of peeping neighbours.


I really like them!!! The curtains turned out a little long but when we informed them they fixed it within a week! Very prompt and efficient service!

Now I can sleep in peace while protecting my modesty. (No, I do not want people looking at me sleeping with my mouth/legs wide open.)

Notice how we kept the top of the curtains simple as well. But if you do have any preference, like if you like it draped or more elaborate, they can do it for you as well.

Apart from curtains, Curtain Suite also has a wide selection of wallpapers. I think having wallpaper adds a very nice touch of class to an interior decor. In fact, I am contemplating adding wallpaper to my room next. =D
For the little one's room. LOVE THE CLOUDS!!!

This would make such a statement wall!

And also something for that industrial/woody look that's so in right now.

Instagram-worthy wall, anyone? ^.^

Their service was amazing, and curtains can be installed in the same week as your order. Delivery is free, and their guys are really friendly! If you just got your new place, or if you're thinking of doing some revamping to your current one, do check them out! 

Win a Roll of Korean Wallpaper!
Yeap, just for you guys! One lucky reader will get to bring home a roll of Korean Wallpaper! Just follow these steps:

2. Share this post on Facebook
3. Tag 3 friends whom you think will need curtains, blinds and wallpapers! 

Yup, it's that easy! Contest ends 30 November 2015. 

P.S It's morning now, and I'm going to sleep soundly in my very dark room. No thanks to my fabulous new curtains. Goodnight, and good luck with the contest!

Curtain Suite is located at:
Zervex Building
8 Ubi Road 2
Singapore 408538
Contact No: 64438426 or 97533345